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Iron & Wine - Such Great Heights (Cover)
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Such Great Heights (Cover) - Iron & Wine

Key Elements to Working with INTPs


  • INTPs value logic above all else, so maintain logical arguments.

  • Do not insult an INTP or dismiss their values: they will get extremely defensive.

  • INTPs act like mirrors to those they are around: they reciprocate emotions.

  • Plans and schedules do not suit an INTP: give them freedom of action.

  • Be honest with an INTP. 


The Slim Shady LP


The Slim Shady LP

Smith the Mastigos trying to gain information about the Panopticon (via outofcontextdnd)


Iconic quotes about Art and Creativity


“I’m colorblind.”

“Wow, really? Color blindness is like super fucking rare in women. Kinda like a male calico cat.”

“I’m not a woman.”

“But you’re not a man, right?”


“What…but you are colorblind?”

“Yeah, I don’t see pink.”

“I don’t know if that’s actually colorblindness per se. What do you mean?”

“Pink is just a red and violet mixed together.”

“So you can’t see red light? Or violet light?”

“I see those just fine.”

“But not pink?”

“I see past it.”


“There’s so much on the other side of red and just as much beyond violet. Like ultraviolet and infrared, but we can’t see any of it. Our eyes and brains just aren’t wired to pick it up. Which sucks. Instead, we see pink.”

“Which you can’t see?”


“So you see everything else? Ultraviolet, infrared, all the stuff pink is hiding?”

“What are you mean ‘pink’s hiding’? Pink isn’t hiding shit. Pink doesn’t even exist. It’s all in your head. Pink is an illusion.”

Project concerning how I bind and gender in general for The Body Eclectic. Wrote the dialogue and used photography and InDesign for the images. 

Forgot it was my dad’s birthday. Now I have to call him…




Wait a second, am I tripping balls?


Sometimes life is just beautiful.